Basic Needs Support Program

To apply to our basic needs program, scroll down to fill out our application. 

We help families who have children with autism, chronic medical conditions (cancer, chronic asthma, diabetes, etc.) & special needs/disabilities; who are financially struggling to buy the basic needs items for their family. If you would like to apply for our Basic needs program for low-income special needs families, please scroll down and fill out our application.


Our basic needs program consist of these programs below: (If funding is available)

  1. Gluten Free food Assistance for children with gluten intolerance or celiac disease 
  2. Food Assistance for low-income special needs families (Food Pantry)
  3. Thanksgiving & Christmas Food Baskets
  4. Back to school supplies 
  5. School Uniforms (New or Gently used)
  6. Winter Coats  (New or Gently used)
  7. Clothes  (New or Gently used)
  8. Birthday Help
  9. Holiday Gifts 
  10. And much More
This program is here to help special needs children & their siblings live happy, healthy productive lives. All children deserve to have healthy food, clean clothes, school supplies, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes due to all the cost of raising a child with special needs some parents can't afford to provide their children with these simple necessities, due to the financial burden that comes with caring for a special needs child. Most special needs families only live off one income because one parent needs to be home caring for the child, some parents have lots of out of pocket medical bills to pay leaving them with just enough to get by. Due to the financial burden this cause the parents, it makes it difficult for the parents to provide their children with basic needs such as food, clothes, birthdays, etc. 

Our goal is to help these families provide for these little warriors. We can only help them if we receive donations, grants, etc. We need your help! Please join us! Please consider Donating Gift Cards, making a donation on our website, mailing a check, donating new or gently used items. 

All donations go toward meeting our client's needs. We have no paid staff, your donations are not used to pay anyone's salary. All of our staff are volunteers. Donate to us knowing that your donation will go directly to helping our clients out. 

We are a 501(c)3 Nonprofit organization, therefore your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by the law. 

Please consider donating! Thank you!

Basic Needs Program Application

Please fill this online form out to apply for our Basic Needs Program. You will need to submit copies of your ID, proof of income, proof of address, one bill & children's birth certificate (long form). Copies will be requested after you submit your application. 

What is your form of income?*
Check all that apply. Please submit all household income! We need the income of both adults living in the home. Please be truthful just because there are two adults in the home it does not mean you will not be eligible for services.
Do you participate in any one of these programs?*
Does your child have any of these diagnosis?*
Please check off all of your monthly expenses*
What program/event are you applying for?*
Do you agree to submit proof needed to complete this application?*
You will need to submit your ID, proof of income, 2 bills, long-form birth certificate for each child & medical diagnosis form we will email you to be filled out by your child's physician. Physician will need to sign & stamp form.
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We run only on donations, 100% of all donations go towards providing basic needs assistance to our clients. We will never ask our clients to donate to us but we do ask all clients to share our fundraisers, raffles, social media post, etc. If we raise funds needed we can help families in our communities. We also ask our clients to help us raise funds by starting a fundraiser for us on Facebook or shopping via Amazon smile. Thank you!
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