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We offer a variety of groups, family gatherings, special events & other services to our clients through fundraising & donations. It’s only through the generosity of our donors that we can provide funding for our various programs.  Scroll down for more information on our programs. 

Sensory Friendly Holiday Events for our Clients

Our Holiday Events gives our clients the opportunity to enjoy themselves in a non-judgmental environment. Many parents don't feel comfortable bringing their children to local community events out of fear of being judged as a parent or having others bully their children. At our events, the children will be able to meet other children, make friends & have fun. The children will not feel left out or bullied. The best part of our event is that all parents will get it, they will be understanding and accepting. You will not have to deal with the looks, smirks or comments. You will feel comfortable and build friendships with other parents who walk in your shoes. ​

Basic Needs Program 

Our Basic Needs Program is for families who live in Connecticut and have children with Autism, chronic medical conditions & other disabilities/special needs. We accept applications for our pro​gram all year long. If you would like to apply you can apply via our Basic Needs Program Tab up top. You will need to submit paperwork after you submit your application. We will contact you to send us copies of your ID, Pay stubs, Birth certificates, proof of medical diagnosis, proof of additional income & two current bills. This program will help our clients with food, clothes, school supplies and much more. This program operates on donations from our community, businesses & fundraising. 

Support Groups 

Special Needs children, teens & young adults empowerment groups.

We have several groups for our children, teens & young adults. Group members will participate in fun activities & events in a safe environment without the fear of being bullied or feeling like the odd one out. This group meets once a month. 

Parent Support Groups:

We have several social/support groups which are held for parents of special needs children, teens & young adults. We also have a group for parents of newly diagnosed children & parents with children in a facility. The group meets once a month. 

Sibling activity Group

This group provides a safe & judgment free forum where siblings can share their challenges and coping techniques while gaining support from other siblings who understand what it's like to have a sibling with special needs. They participate in fun group activities & events. This group meets once a  month. Please contact us for more info.

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Community Awareness & Acceptance Program 

  • Spreading awareness  
  • Community awareness events
  • Bullying prevention
  • Buddy system program

Reach out! We are here for you! 

We support our parents by listening, giving advice, connecting them with other services they may need in the community, providing them with our community resources & providers list, etc. For more information on any of our programs please contact us.

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